LPG Compressor

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LPG compressor allows transport of liquid LPG (Lique ed Petroleum Gas) from Tank to another with vapour transfer.

Pressure difference should be present for the transfer of liquid LPG. Gas compressors suck LPG in gas phase from one tank and forces it into another tank which causes pressure increase there and with increased pressure LPG starts owing into the other tank to ful ll the transfer

It provides transfer of gas liquid from one tank to another by pressurizing to storage tanks.

DM Gas Compressors are reciprocating machines which pressurize the gas and increase gas pressure, by this means, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is transferred by the way of vapour transfer and pressure difference. Displacement of piston is provided by suction and press valve. As operation principle, Gas may be moved by creating a different pressure between two points and begin flowing from the higher-pressure tank to lower pressure tank and our product is easy-to-use and convenient for vapour recovery and recycling. Lastly, DM Gas Compressor is part of the reciprocating compressor family.

Technical Specifications :

  • Piston Diameter: 101 mm.
  • Piston Stroke Length: 76 mm.
  • Max.Transfer Capacity: 57, 5 m3 / hour
  • Max.Operatıng Pressure: 24 kg./ cm2
  • Motor Power: 11 Kw.
  • Max.Compression Power of Piston Arm: 1.760 kg.Max.Operating Temperature: 75 Co
  • Empty Weight: 412 Kg.
  • Transfer Capacity: 770 Lt. / Minute
  • Pressure Dif - Ference: 1~2 Kg./ cm2
  • Time Required To Transfer 10 Tons Lpg: 25~35 Minutes