1200 liters/min. Water Monitor

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It is used as a fire extinguishing equipment and allows the water to be easily directed to the desired area from a distance.

The monitor offers 1200 lt/min at 10 Kg/cm2 pressure. It is capacitive and it moves 360 degree hor and +90 o, -80 o vertical.

The barrel is designed to dispense water. The barrel can be changed and replaced with foam.

The barrel material is made of light-metal alloy corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Su Monitor body joints are bedded with bearings. The surfaces of the sealing felts are covered with hard chrome. NBR

nutring and o-ring are used as the sealing element.

It is controlled by the valve connected to the monitor input.

The movement of the monitor is provided manually. Position lock is available.

Technical Properties

  • Min. Working Pressure: 5 Bar
  • Test Pressure: 24 Bar
  • Inside Diameter of Water Way: 60 mm
  • Max. Flow: 1200 lt/min. (under 10 bar pressure)
  • Connection Flange: DN65 ND 16
  • Output Connection: 2 . Male Threaded
  • Horizontal Movement: 360o
  • Vertical Movement: +90o - 80o
  • Weight: 34 Kg